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2 definitions by AJB1945

a fagit loser who gets everything and thinks that if there boy friend dumps them or if they can't go shoping they melt down and bitch and moan about how unlucky they are! And when they see the 'O7 Bentleys or Porshes they just "HAVE TO HAVE" and they roll into school the year after the '06 Bentleys come out
Look its a spoiled rich kid. Fuck him/her
by AJB1945 May 04, 2007
a school in Montgomery County, Maryland with the worst intials ever P.M.S. PMS is when a chick gets moody and starts to bitch. See period
Have you ever seen P.M.S its great! Pyle = PMS
by AJB1945 May 04, 2007