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A newbie who isn't a n00b. A rarity these days on a lot of message boards.
'Oh my god! Teh un-n00b!'
by AJAW July 26, 2004
A man who, despite my affiliation to the Republican Party, I would rather have as President than George W. Bush.
Howard Dean is a moderate. Therefore, he's a good politician. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true. There are, in fact, some good politicians.
by AJAW December 31, 2004
Short for moonshine. Usually used to ask someone whether they're drunk, because shine is hard shit.
"Have you been at the 'shine again?"
by AJAW November 05, 2007
Having had so many plastic surgeries that it's blatantly obvious.
Ex. Britney Spears, most WWE Divas
by AJAW August 17, 2004
Too hot to be nude. A girl who's so hot that you can jack off to her even if she's not nude.
'Dude, she's thtbn.'
by AJAW July 12, 2004
To be owned by Johnny Damon and/or the Red Sox. This happened to the New York Yankees in the 2004 ALCS.
The Yankees got Damowned.
by AJAW April 02, 2005
1. The best porn EVAR.
2. Really good liquor.
3. A movie that would have been better had they not cast Vin Diesel and Asia Argento in the lead roles.
1. Dude! I saw one pic from the XXX folder and I started jacking off!
2. Yep, I'm wasted. XXX is hard stuff.
3. Vin Diesel and Asia Argento are terrible actors.
by AJAW August 17, 2004

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