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1 definition by AJ Rabaioli

1) A type of hand-rolled cigarette commonly rolled accidentally by inexperienced rollers but sometimes rolled purposefully by veteran ones. Formed by pinching your two thumbs in too hard while rolling your cigarette, the middle remains less densely packed (while either side is much tighter and smaller), leaving the cigarette with a distinct, flattened-isosceles-triangle sort of shape.

The name refers to the house on the title frame of the popular nineties T.V. sitcom, "Home Improvement", in which Tim Allen starred. During the title frame of the intro song, the name of the show is framed in the same flattened triangle shape.

2) That cocaine loving motherfucker from Home Improvement.
Can Tim Allen roll a Tim Allen so fat that even he couldn't smoke it? Trick question. He doesn't smoke anything, not even that crack bullshit. Doesn't even freebase. He just snorts that pure, white, Colombian nose candy.
by AJ Rabaioli October 28, 2009