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A town in the middle of no where in California where it's actually ghetto...where everyone speaks spanish and the grown ups look like former confederates of the civil war also no one drinks the water because its polluted...there shouldnt be any reason to have gangbangers and high teen pregnancies because, there's really nothing to do in Hanford it's the equivalent to the smell of the desert in such cases and everyone is high on that hyphy shyt for some reason
James-Hey I'm from LA where you from?

James-Wheres that at?
Alfredo-near Fresno
James-Where's that at?
Alfredo-close to Visalia
James-Where that at?
Alfredo-near Tulare
James-whars that?
Alfredo-its kinda close to Bakersfield
Alfredo_Nevermind dude
by AJ Luis June 09, 2009

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