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A young inexprienced dumbass especially a teenager who thinks that they know everything about the damn world but don't know shit.
Any grown ass person that is lacking maturity and responbility in thier life
Morgan Freeman: Ok Sams Im going to go back on my word just this once and let you back into my school because you're still a baby and you don't know shit.
Father: You think you're a man now son
Son: Im 18 and I do what I want to
Father: Remember one thing son as long as you're in my house and you're in high school your'e still a baby dumbass
by AJ Dunn February 27, 2009
A another name for an uncle tom. A black person that sells out his own people to impress the white man. Any niggah down in the south that is stuck in the slavery mentality because they kissing "The Man" ass just to get ahead and turns on his own people. Slave mentality niggahs that is stuck on the house niggah vs. field niggah mentality
Down in the south you see a bunch of straw hat negros who sells out his on people just to get ahead.

A straw hat negro will stab you in the back, snitch on you, and sell you out just to cover is own ass.
by AJ Dunn February 23, 2009
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