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Pomper is a noun spurred from the word "pompous". A pomper is someone with an extremely large... ego and punkish attitude. Although a Pomper may flaunt a tough exterior, we all know he obtains that capabilty to be in deep love--(look up word "E-l-a-n-a for further details.)
"Pomper strutted down the hallway as if he were a god."
by AJ January 24, 2005
Age of a woman in her late twenties or mid thirties. Women of this age are seen as continuously defying their actual age.
That frat boy hit on me because he has no idea I'm twirty!
by AJ June 25, 2004
A boyfriend who acts like a monkey.
pookey bookey dookey cookey
by AJ June 09, 2004
sucking dick.
Brian could not come to my house after school because he was too busy smoking pirate.
by AJ May 14, 2004
A term used to discreetly describe hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Dood I got some fresh Nixon Candy in the car, wanna go for a trip?
by aj December 10, 2003
slightly idiotic
Gees you're transcisive
by AJ July 31, 2003
An animal, (mostly homo sapiens) that are fagishly fucked up and atractted to the same sex
by AJ June 03, 2003

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