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A boyfriend who acts like a monkey.
pookey bookey dookey cookey
by AJ June 09, 2004
A great game made my AJ (see AJ in urban dictionary) in order to bring people from afar, close togeter in a virtual game.
Dubbit is a great game, i went on it at www.dubbit.co.uk.tt and its better even better than habbo!
by AJ May 25, 2004
The community site that is too indie to have a community.
Dude, wtf is sitc?
by aj March 23, 2004
a lady who has the misfortune of looking like she was put through a mangle. repeatedly!!
1. cor blimey, look at that fat rash machine over!
2. shes fuckin rash
3. that rash machine looks like she climed the ugly tree, fell out, hit every ugly branch on the way down then the ugly tree fell on her, then unfortunately she slid off the edge of the ugly ravine, nuf sed!!!
by aj February 25, 2004
A term used to discreetly describe hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Dood I got some fresh Nixon Candy in the car, wanna go for a trip?
by aj December 10, 2003
Crazy Go Nutz University, Principle: Strong bad. sport: golf club TEAM. star player: the cheat. mascot: Dumples.
"Umm... i think we meant DUMPLINGS, but, we were REALLY hot and tired, and, we just ended up putting dumples on the application form."- Principle Strong Bad

Fighting and sometimes striving,
wondering what the Dumples is,
courage, and what is valor?
and the cheat will hit stuff witha golf club

"CEE" "GEE" "IN"... "YOU"... "me?"
by AJ November 22, 2003
a gagsta thats originally from yemen or a could also be used as a jewish yemeni
the yemenite possies are taking over our hood jo.
by aj September 28, 2003
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