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125 definitions by AJ

An asian who acts is though he is black.
"Look at that chincaboo wearing FUBU"
by AJ August 18, 2003
(Interjection) Used when making a mistake while playing in a sports game
After the volleyball was hit out of bounds, the player yelled "Shitscott!"
by AJ May 07, 2005
Pomper is a noun spurred from the word "pompous". A pomper is someone with an extremely large... ego and punkish attitude. Although a Pomper may flaunt a tough exterior, we all know he obtains that capabilty to be in deep love--(look up word "E-l-a-n-a for further details.)
"Pomper strutted down the hallway as if he were a god."
by AJ January 24, 2005
A woman who has passed the lower numbers of the Twirty age range but is still continuously mistaken for a whole lot younger.
Even though we twirty-somethings felt out-of-place at the kegger, we were still getting hit on so hard we had bruises.
by AJ June 25, 2004
n. An abstract feeling about a person. It usally means you want to spend all your time with that person, day and night.

v. put midly, in a bed, usally, nude with a person.
n. I love you

v. I made love with her.
by AJ May 03, 2004
The community site that is too indie to have a community.
Dude, wtf is sitc?
by aj March 23, 2004
a nigger wearing bling bling, stoop walking, selling dope to his friends on the corner.
look at that stupid porch monkey with all that jewlery, what a homeystooge that idiot is.
by aj January 10, 2004