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A person who has such a bad chode that they need to heat it on a hotplate before placing in a sandtrap(vagina).
Chode Mcmuffin-AKA(pat rowe)
That kid is such a chode mcmuffin!
by aj November 13, 2003
a). Someone who is in favor of something or defends something or someone solely because they like them.
b). A person involved in sports who kisses too much ass to the team, or someone who is too much a homer for a team
c). a stupid friend you can get to do anything
I sent a friend to 7-11 to steal 2 packs of cigarettes. He got caught What a homeystooge that cheesedidck is.

Did you hear that guy talking about the team? he only says that because the owner selected him in the draft. He hasn't done shit for the team, he is just the owners fckin homeystooge.
by aj January 09, 2004
A man born with hips wider than the span of his shoulders. This body type is typically found in motherly women however sometimes God will deal a cruel blow and bless this body proportion upon men.
Joel looks creepy, I think it's his bitch-hips.
#bitchhips #bitch hips #broad hips #she-hips #bitch-body
by aj July 11, 2006
neil peart....he has a drumset
Neil Peart is the drummer of rush, a very good band
by Aj February 16, 2005
TVism is the worship of the all mighty television it is our GOD. The TV guide is like our bible it predicts what our GOD is going to show us.
i worship tv for i am a TVismist

YAY TV!!!!!!
by AJ January 19, 2004
cute, short lil azn gurl
wow, would ya look at that hot yeng lo dancin' over there?
by aj October 05, 2003
An asian who acts is though he is black.
"Look at that chincaboo wearing FUBU"
by AJ August 18, 2003
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