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slang for Missouri University. Often associated with the athetic program or the school.
"Pepole from Mizzou are pretty smart."
"Hey, did you see that Mizzou football game against Iowa State on Saturday? Mizzou won 17-14."
by AJ November 28, 2004
Binary for 1337. Show this to a supposedly "1337" lamer and watch his head explode.
Yo, "hacker." 10100111001.

-hacker's brain explodes-
by AJ August 13, 2003
Films and TV series which exploited black popular culture. Usually revolved around badass black detectives with funky hairstyles solving crimes. Most famous is probably Shaft.
Shaft is a perfect example of blacksploitation.
by AJ April 19, 2005
1.(adj) Lacking in quality;Bad; Not deserving of love and affection.
2. (n.) A child exhibiting these qualities.
1. Getting kicked in the nuts is totally orphan.
2. Look at that orphan, let's spit on him.
by AJ April 06, 2005
Now avilable in lobster and crab
These ramen noodles are $2.50 for 30 and it's like seafood. whadda deal!
by aj December 10, 2003
Sweet and evil simultaneously.
Cats are so sweevil--they scratch the hell out of you one minute and curl up on your lap for a nap the next.
by aj August 09, 2004
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