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Short Magic : The Gathering (of virgins).
"Who needs sexual intercourse when I have MTG?! I mean, this Giant of Azeraz has a 4 / 6, trample, and swamp walk."
by AJ May 07, 2004
Noun. A person who is being scamed but is in on the prank. Someone who knows they are being tricked. Its origin is from the term "mark" and is the shortened form of the phrase "smart mark"
The smark new the two headed woman was fake, but wanted to see anyways.
by AJ March 30, 2005
Used to describe someone short and who smells like cabbage.
Look at her, she's so michi!
by AJ January 23, 2004
The same as a mack muderer
W is a playa and Micheal Moore is a playa hater.
by AJ January 25, 2005
shut up you retade
by AJ July 15, 2003
The annoying laugh of Howard Stern; usually used when mocking Stern.
Hoo hoo Robin, I invented radio!
by AJ March 12, 2004
While masturbating, some men, and usually using lubricant, rub a spot on their penis that causes their leg to shake. Much like scratching a dog when getting scratched in the right way makes their leg shake.
John: Dude, I think the guy in the men's room was masturbating in the stall.
Adam: How do you know?
John: He had the jimmy leg goin and everything!
by AJ February 16, 2005
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