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A secretion from a peristaltic gland. Much rumored to be a male pheromone that draws women into a sexually receptive trance.
Nate nutted all over that bee-otch after he hit her with his manjuba!
by AJ December 24, 2003
not ever in all time, never ever ever ever ever...inf..
if you don't try this marshmellon italian ice, you'll neven be my friend!
by Aj December 01, 2003
Meet up/hang out with
Im going to Milly Jilly with the posse
by AJ October 06, 2003
funny or hilarious
oh man thats hilard
by AJ July 15, 2003
Epsom Ballaz are a team of peeps who join forces every summer or when ever the weather is good to take on punk bitch who think they know how to play street stlye basketball.
PUNK BITCH WANNABE BALLA: look ma', i'm playin basketball... ow shit here comes AJ Karl Rayner Rich Luke Jeff and Foster
MUM: their not ppl son their EPSOM BALLAZ run before their mad handles make u look stupid !!!
by AJ March 30, 2005
Someone who can afford not to be a scally.. They go to decent shops to buy their clothes, such as Burton, or Topman, and pride themselves on their general appearance and the fact they will get a job that pays better than the scum that hangs around MCDonalds either being annoying and picking fights, or just working there.
Fred Perry Stripy jumper
Baseball cap

"What you looking at?"
by AJ December 07, 2003
when a homo fucks a non homo and reems him in the ass
johnny ass reemed parker
by aj November 07, 2003

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