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125 definitions by AJ

busted ass toes. usually refers to people who have extremely ugly toes
my friend is attracted to feet but he left his ex-girlfriend after he found out she had b.a.t's
by aj February 15, 2005
1. some annoying kid who reeks havoc on forums typing random messages
2. the king of randomness
dynastyrocks has lost it
by AJ December 13, 2003
Angster: one who lives by the philosophies of angst. Usually a teenager.
Damn, it's good to be an angsta.
by AJ August 12, 2003
one who does retarded things
why the hell did you do that you stupid shakoom
by AJ July 15, 2003
A name often given to someone who has had snot bubbles come out of their nose while laughing.
OMG! EW!! There are snot bubbles coming out of your nose!!! Hahahaha... I'm going to call you Mr.Bubbles from now on! I don't care if you're female either!
by AJ September 26, 2004
'Sticklebrick' is a term used when snuggling one's male partner, and becoming 'sticklebricked' or 'stuck' to them due to the prescence of facial hair. This case is most likely if the female partner has long hair.
"You've sticklebricked me" A term used when becoming stuck to your partner.
by AJ August 08, 2004
A secretion from a peristaltic gland. Much rumored to be a male pheromone that draws women into a sexually receptive trance.
Nate nutted all over that bee-otch after he hit her with his manjuba!
by AJ December 24, 2003