11 definitions by AJ 187

1) A snarf of cum.
2) To either lick, drink, or snort cum.
"G'day mate, I just had a cumsnarf on me way back."
"*hic* I'magunna cumsnarf that crap on the ground"
by AJ 187 July 31, 2003
The nuts of Snorks. Can also be used to call someone a chicken.
"Man, you got snorknuts. Just do it already!"
by AJ 187 July 31, 2003
1. Unusually hot and tight VGNRZ
2. Something that appears from VGNRZ every so often.
"Damn, this ain't just a pussy, it's a cuntdragon!"

"What the hell? Why do you have a cuntdragon?"
by AJ 187 July 26, 2003
deep-fried semen. Ususally made out of ignorance or idiocy.
"Why the hell did you make crispy cream you dumbass?"
by AJ 187 July 29, 2003
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