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A moron fratboy who's fathers oil money kept him from service in 'Nam,kept him from ever having to work and must've paid the school system to keep him out of special ed.The only thing he is good at is GREED and dirty politics.Watch the price of fuel drop just before election time.His ties with the Binladen group will see to that.LOOK AT DOWNLOADED PIC.Thatll explain it.
"While wiping my ass ,I got shit on my hand.There by pulling a George W Bush"
Country music evolved from folk ballads brought to America by immigrants.It was decent music until asshole record company execs and producers in Nashville, Tennessee (wanting all the money without having to have talent)started pushing the"Nashville sound"akaNashville Clowns in the late 50s and continuing till today.Now all country songs are written by a formula.Whats selling,What topic is hot at the moment etc.. Country acts of today are told how to dress,act ,talk,what their background is ,if they are gonna be outlaws or good guys(stolen from wrestling promotors.also see:Retards)and what companies products to be seen wearing,eating,drinking and wiping their ass with.Most country stars of today are gleened from Kareoke bars and lounges.Most are from the midwest or east coast but company excecs change their point of origin to Oklahoma,Texas or Tennessee.Most "Stars" of today do not write their own material,they purchase the rights to say they have written it.(Travis Tritt)Pose with Harleys and try to act like outlaws(Toby Keith.Although he had to be pulled on a trailer sitting on a bike for his vid after dropping the bike several times and having to receive medical attention to get his head removed from his ass).Most acts of today are a sad lot of record company flunkies listened to by plastic people who buy into their bullshit swaggering and studio player albums(watch their road bands who are paid next to nothing screw up every lick out live)(I dont blame them).The modern day fanbase for these "Stars" of today are a fickle bunch(fame IS fleeting)and the commercial lifespan for these people is short indeed.Most end up broke,without their songs or right to even sing them in public anymore within a year or less.But dont feel sorry for them.They sold out and perpetuated the machine.If they hadnt sold out and wouldve told the record execs to write their own songs, modern country may have stood a chance.Listen to Old(late 60s-late 70s) Waylon,Willie,David Allan Coe,Billy Joe Shaver for a taste of country music unspoiled by the "Nashville Clowns"
New Country Fan "Isnt that Toby Keith such a Outlaw"

Real Country Fan"Compared to a 14 year old girl he may be a Badass,but I really doubt it"
aka Assholes of Evil:starring:Georgie"the Shrub" Bush ,Dick"Licker" Cheney and Donald "the Midget " Cumsfeld
in this episode of Assholes of Evil Little Shrub gets a rim job from Dick Licker Cheney while pumping his miniscule meat into the Midget Cumsfelds face...stay tuned you repuke fags for next weeks episode where Shrub claims to have been in the Marine Corps
by aint no real cowboys(skoal brother) September 10, 2004
Chicago is a city in the far northeastern part of the state of Illinois.
Known for is unbelievably corrupt Politicians and Police force,the midwestern versions of the guido,absolute draining of the rest of the states tax money,toll roads,high concentration of idiots and crackheads.
inhabitants known as:Chicagonads or Nigcagians to the downstaters.They are close in mental capacity to Texasinhabitants.
Loud,mouthy pisspumpers who come to Southern Illinois and buy lake of egypt property where they are immediately:

1.screwed by every local contractor
2.Despised and laughed at by the locals
3.used as the punchline to every dumbass joke ever told
4.beat to a bloody pulp for popping off in local bars about how tough they are.
5.ripped off and sold every junk caddy, oldsmobile and farm tractor within a 50 mile radius.
Chicagonad"yea we usta beat those porta rikkans ta def up der"

Southern Illinoisian "Really..uhh thats nice...Hey I've got a '62 Caddy with a blown motor and a old Ford tractor with no wheels for sale for 10 grand"

Chicagonad" Sweet!!!!!I'll take it

Southern Illinoisian" Cool.....Hey..My Buddies got an old Buick with a bad tranny for sale too"

Chicagonad" AWESOME!!!Get him on da fuggin phone"
A city in Illinois where all the losers,dopeheads,welfare mothers and thieves live(also known as Nigcagoans).recognized by its stench and the sound of tax money being sucked from southern Illinois(south of 64)
Chi-town person"yea im from Chi-Town dont fuck wid me"
normal person"kick to the sack"
Chi-Town Person"crying....MAAAAA(sounds like a sheep bleeting..actualy means mother
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