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Verb. Creating an item used to smoke with out of random household objects. Done either out of desperation (having no papers, pipes, etc.) or experimentation (just to see what you can create).

Noun. Also Known As a McGuyver Smoker or just weed engineer. Someone good at creating pipes out of stuff around the house. Good to have around in case of paper shortages. A weedgineering expert.
We are out of zig zags. Quick weedgineer a bong out of this bottle, foil, and straw.

We didn't have any papers so we weedgineered a pipe out of some tinfoil, a pen, and an apple.

(From Half Baked)

Guy 1: Yo man we are out of papers.

Weedgineer: ok get me a toilet paper roll, a corckscrew, and some tin foil

Guy 1: we dont have a corkscrew

Weedgineer: ok get me an avocado, an icepick, and my snorkel
by AHor4U September 21, 2011
Throwing together multiple strains of weed into one bowl/joint/blunt.
We have about a half gram each so we'll just throw it all together and smoke a stir fry bowl.

Dude, lets get stir fried!
by AHor4U November 20, 2011

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