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1 definition by AHSEAGLES

A school located in Essex County MA, filled with complete jerks. There is an ever-present bad vibe from a majority of the students. Glares between students and cliques are often exchanged. The slutty popular kids supposedly "rage" on weekends and afterwards brag about their "awesome" time by posting pictures on facebook. Not to mention you could be literally having a heart attack in the middle of the hall and they would not assist you. The "jocks" and "laxbros" act so tough and stroll through the halls like they are gods, but take one to Lawrence and their ass will be handed to them. Although the parking lot is filled with BMWS, Jeeps, and Audis, everyone seems to want more. If you aren't extremely rich here then you are labeled as poor and unaccepted. There are also a lot of annoying asians and nerds who hang out together try way too hard. The athletics for the most part are awful and are chosen politically, not based on skills. For the few normal people who go there, everyday is a horrible time. In general, about 90% of the school only cares about themselves and promoting their reputation when in reality they are truly just conceited, unfriendly cowards.
"Oh she's driving a Mercedes convertible and wearing the latest fashion, must be from Andover High School."
"I'm like so cool! Don't talk to me if you aren't popular!" -basic Andover High school kid
by AHSEAGLES September 10, 2012
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