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A group of guys who like to sit around and have arts & crafts time to paint their hockey masks. The one with the lazy eye has a glow in the dark ORIGINAL mask, which brings his AHMC super powers to the maximum. Sometimes they like to sit around the computer and type poems about "the fam" and look up antique hockey masks on EBAY, where they're bargin hunting. Sometimes it seems like they're the lost little boys from peter pan who can never find a home and are always running away. To be in the AMHC circle jerk club, you have to get a cig burn somewhere on your arm, menthol only pleaseee.

cowboy from toy story: Before we hit up the get fresh show, we have to put on our hockey masks and really get fresh.

little boy with silly pink hat: yeah bro, we're gonna tear it up in a few minutes. We gotta wait for Xswell guy ian oconnorX because he pretty much runs the show now since bitch boy bobby stepped down.

Xswell guy ian oconnorX: HAHAH go home hickey boy, your parents miss you. oops, i just pissed in my pants, well not technically mine.

Guy who has hickeys from twizzy: i'm not going home, I"M A REBEL. AND I LOVE THE FAM (AHMC) TOO MUCH

THE BoBSTer LobSter: I have crustacians around my crotch, hence the 1290583049563809568th twats i've had in the past day

by AHMC as ourselves February 24, 2008

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