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Summit is a town in central New Jersey. Close to the Short Hills Mall and NYC. After reading all the definitions for this town I just had to clear up a few things. Yes, we are quite a wealthy town but NO we do not all go out and get drunk every weekend. We have a great education system and we all end up going to pretty good colleges! I guess everyone hates us because all they hear about us Summit people is that we are rich and snobby. People everywhere do stupid stuff like that and it isn't everyone (although it is a lot of people) and we are not all rich! So when you hear people are from summit don't immediately hate us. We aren't all spoiled dimwits and most of us are actually nice people. We also have Magic Fountain and if you want ice-cream you better be nice ;)
Human Being: I am from Summit

Other Human Being: You must be snobby, rich, and a drunk!

Human Being: Nice to meet you too?? Um...I'm going to walk away now...Bye
by AGirlWithAName May 07, 2011

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