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VERB: pronounced(fag-are) DEFINITION multiple:1) to fornicate with a girl under the age of 14 (jail bate).

house moto; ("old enough to read, old enough to breed.")

2) to roofie helpless young, unsuspecting ladies to which they lure with parties and deceitful lies
1) Guy talking to girl: "Come to our party, dont worry, we wont AGR you."

2) One creeper to another: "That girl has to be in highschool, lets AGR her ;)"

Other creeper to the next: "Okay, Im down... as they say old enough to read, old enough to breed."
by AGR president obama January 13, 2011
NOUN: AGR, pronounced (fag-are). DEFINITION: The only ag related fraternity that loves their cattle so much that they are willing to slam a menstruating 200 pound sigma cattle at all costs.
USE IN SENTENCE: "Dude is that fat chick on her period?"
..."yeah, I think so and that AGR is totally trying to roofie her"
..."Dude thats disgusting, good thing Im rushing FarmHouse."
by AGR president obama January 13, 2011

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