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A character from wild arms 1/3 varionses include siegfreed,zeikfreed,zeikfried.
A demon who wants to make humans into demons and use the plantet as a starship in wa3.
In wa1 which is a thounand years in the past his goals are mostly the same exept he is a bit more foolish and gets possesed.
He is around 2000 years old and died about 3 times the first he is killed during the war but alzard revives him, second when in wa1 he fights the heros in a battered state where half his face is gone,one arm the other is now his sword,he armor is broken and he has no legs but some of his skelton is sticking out and he dies when he uses up to much power and the dimension he was in callapes and the third after surving three assalts he fuses with a fafnir dragon and fights the heros again but thanks to a dragon he is beaten.
Gamewise he is a powerful boss having no weakness fairly high hp being the fastest boss in the game and strong attacks.his singular attacks are dark spear nexis,Gulmzaber and proton beam his more powerful and multie hitting is negative rainbow which he uses when he is toying with you and ultranegative rainbow when he gets seriose which can reduce your hp to 1 and his most powerful attack is zeik/sieg inpulse which does massive damage and in terms of plot without him there would be no game.
The charector is properly based on sigurd which in the languses today its siegfried/siegfreed he was renowned as siegfreed the golden and he got that name by slaying fafnir which used to be a giant who killed his father for some treasure and used magic to turn into a dragon to protect the gold but siegfreed killed him thanks to a plan from odin giving him fame.
Siegfreed is also the norse version of achilles as he was invunable exept for his shoulders.
Old one but if someone is a Siegfried in rugby it means he is strong,deadicated,loyal and brave but in a srum he is easily hurt.
by AFGO October 25, 2006

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