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I tell thee what.. its so funny that we are going in numbers to this cup final. In the scheme of things its nothing.. but im so looking forward to the occasion with true dons fans and having a laugh making some noise dressing up like a prick. This is why AFC Wimbledon IS. The franchise fans will never get this. NEver. They are soullous Zomboids who live on a diet of sky fed football and player cams.
This definition courtesy of Leamington Pete
by AFCW April 24, 2004
a sad collection of deluded fools who support Franchise FC, they are the laughing stock of the football community.
Forcing children to be members of the mkdonsclub is child abuse
by AFCW April 25, 2004
Frannies are in a permanent state of frenzy. They are to be found either at the NHS or at other football grounds, all 20 of them that is. They love Franchise FC.
The frenzied frannies think that Pete Winkelman is their king.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
ASDA bribed Koppel and Pete Winkelman to steal Wimbledon FC from south London to facilitate the building of a superstore in Milton Keynes.
ASDA are collaborators of Pete Winkelman.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
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