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A Koppel is someone who takes your cherished local sports club and moves it to another part of the country to facilitate a large property deal (for example a supermarket) and will lie about the reasons to cover it up.
Wimbledon got koppeled so the fans formed AFC Wimbledon
by AFCW April 17, 2004
the new name of Franchise FC. Milton Keynes are the first ever English town to STEAL a place in the football league instead of earning it through promotion.
The Milton Keynes Dongs are clubkilling cnuts.
by AFCW July 01, 2004
The Winkeldome will open in time for Conference football.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
a nickname often applied to the club Wimbledon FC (see: Franchise FC) in Milton Keynes. Often used by fans of AFC Wimbledon.
The MK Dongs do not have many fans
by AFCW June 02, 2004
see: The FA
The FA are spineless monkeys
by AFCW April 25, 2004
"we should be on site by the end of july, em...and if we can do that we could get it finished...you know...quicker than everybody thinks, they're a bit like meccano sets and they do go up very quickly, I think we showed that with the changes we made here....5 weeks on a plan of 12, it's something that is gonna happen"
Deluded fool Pete Winkelman (a pleonasm if I ever heard one) discussing Franchise FC new stadium, the Winkeldome, to be built paid for by ASDA.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
Frannies are in a permanent state of frenzy. They are to be found either at the NHS or at other football grounds, all 20 of them that is. They love Franchise FC.
The frenzied frannies think that Pete Winkelman is their king.
by AFCW April 24, 2004

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