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David Spates is the best entertainer that niggas watch on YouTube. His channel is laughandpeealittle, and his best series is his PORN (Prisoners on the Run) series, where he and his nigga John Ollie (johnollie) make videos about them telling their crime stories. You a nigga and noting is good on BET, watch David Spates.
Go to YouTube and search for PORN talk. Best David Spates ever.
#john ollie #nigga entertainment channel #nigga #black entertainment #nigga comedy
by AFB64 October 30, 2011
A knit wave cap is a wave cap that is made by knitting yarn. has some of the best knit wave caps around. Knit wave caps are usually worn by black people, and in David Spate's video of PORN (Prisoners on the Run NIGGA) talk video on YouTube, his nigga John Ollie is featured wearing a knit wave cap.
Damn where you get that Knit Wave Cap? From a site named Nigga that stuff is the shit now.
#david spates #youtube #wave cap #knit #nigga entertainment channel
by AFB64 November 02, 2011
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