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People living in towns who were previously called "rough". Although located in urban areas throughout Ireland, most came from Dublin or were converted into a skanger by their Dublin friends or family. If involved in a conversation with non-skangers, it was most likely started by them, with something along the lines of "Here lad, ya got a lii? I beh I caaan seh yar hair on fyerrr", which translated into English means "Person in front of me I'm not acquainted with, have you got a cigarette lighter? I reckon I could set your hair on fire." Conversations amongst themselves usually begin with "waaaats de staaaaaree" (i.e. what's the story, i.e. how are things) before engaging in saying "staaaary" one after the other for awhile. Popular meeting points include doorways or other entrances/exits to passageways where only one entrance/exit exists.
While regarded by most as a serious social problem, it's unlikely the dreams of sending them all on a plane which may or may not land somewhere else will ever be reached given the lack of attention the issue is given because it's not "politically correct". Then again, neither is their behaviour but that doesn't stop them...
Please forgive spelling mistakes above - I'm not fluent in their language and I'm proud of it!
by AER June 16, 2005
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