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Someone famous for killing someone else.
Day 1:
Driver gets in car accident and survives, but passenger dies.
Day 2: ________ is now friends with +396 other people on facebook.
Me: That guy is such a murderer.
by ADTRfanforlife June 14, 2011
When whiny little "emo" kids mope about and talk about how depressed they are, when in reality they're not depressed; it's just the "in" thing to be depressed when you're "emo".
Emo boy: GAWD, I'm -so- depressed! I have no life! UGH, I'm just gonna sit here and cut your wrists.

Me: Hahah, you do that; have fun.

Emo boy: I will.. me and my Fashion Depression.
by ADTRfanforlife July 30, 2011
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