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A vehicle used for massive amounts of prostitution transactions within a 24 hour period, The van usually is custom inside and out from 24 inch spinners to a temprapedic bed.
Pimp 1: Did you see that ho-mobile?
Pimp 2: Bro thats not a ho-mobile you can tell by the rims its a Chrysler Town & Cunt-REE
by ADD Smurf November 16, 2011
Much like the soggy biscuit a group of men get together and masturbate on a biscuit and the winner tops it off with blueberries for the loser to eat. Loser is the man who finishes last.
Winner: Enjoy this you earned it.
Loser: That was the saltiest soggy smurf delight I have had in weeks.
by ADD Smurf November 16, 2011

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