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A grouned substance that is smoked through a Medwakh: A small pipe. can be bought at a very low price and yes.. Is smoked by the gods; as well as almost every one that lives in Abu-Dhabi, especially those who go to the American school there.
There are many different names for the buzz one gets when smoking it such as follows:

1:(the Morning Buzz) probably the most essential/best buzz of them all. it is sometimes all that gets us who smoke it through a hard day in school.

2: (The After School Buzz) it is second only to the morning buzz in greatness. Of the thousands of busstops in Abu Dhabi when one says: "yo lets go to busstop." it is known as the one down the road from school where all the cool kids go to get their after school buzz.

3: (The After Workout session buzz) it is third in line, when after a hard working out of the body, it is quite enjoyable to "Hit the Doukh". Following the most important three are the after eating and after movie buzz.

(NOTICE! it you call it "dooch" then you have no respect for it and might/should be slapped in the face)
...and remember now, its the most fun you can have and still pass a drug test! other than drinking that is.
"Dude! i cant wait for fourth period to end so i can go get my buzz.."

"Bed-di Dokha"

"yo are you going to buss stop after school?"

"Yo i had the crazyest F-ing morning buzz this morning, i fell over and couldnt get up haha"

"All the cool kids are doing it"
by AD-D September 06, 2006

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