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1. Utopia for stupid people; the idyllic place where stupid people live.
2. Where stupid people hope to go when they die.
Sarah may not be smart, but she is definitely qualified to be president of Stuptopia.
by ad-92129 April 08, 2011
1.Reference to the philosophy of self-indulgence, whether to deny or sate.
2.Statement of self-denial.
3.A description of the compelling desire for that from which one abstains.
4. For reasons of conditioning, faith, or pride, the human chooses to deny his instinctive responses to hunger, rage, lust, grief, fear, or even happiness, but suffers temptation as a result.
One should not deny his desires lest he scratch not itch want.
by ad-92129 March 10, 2011
The act of convincing a woman to try blue cheese for the first time. Extra credit if she is Asian!
She didn't like the smell, but eventually I popped her blue cheese cherry. Perhaps next she'll let me play in the back yard.
by ad-92129 September 20, 2012
1. An auto-contradictory term for a city. 2. an ecologically sound city where people use "green" or otherwise renewable energy, reuse materials, and have no waste.
A real ecopolis cannot exist because the very act of displacing nature to build a city, even with a low carbon footprint, is in itself, ecologically unsound.
WOW, this city is an ecopolis, they don't even need disposal service!
by ad-92129 March 09, 2011
1.Holy Fucking Cow! or Holy Fucking Christ!
2.An expletive used with exclamation or extreme incredulty.
3.Often used in sequence with JFC or WTF either as antecedent or resultant; the former as to express incredulity and latter to express exclamation or disappointment.
HFC! Retarblicans think global warming is an opinion! JFC!
by ad-92129 August 27, 2011
1. Mundane daily activity.
2. Routine that has become a rut.
The daily rutine made jack a dull boy.
by ad-92129 March 20, 2011
1. Affinity for pussy, a.k.a., pussy.
2. Relection of a shaved pussy.
3. The virile man's desperate sex addiction and drive for poontang.
The light reflected a poonshine from the mound of her shaved pussy.
I lost my poonshine, Bubba, so I just jack it now.
by ad-92129 March 20, 2011
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