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A statement of rejection of the "insantiy defense" for those who commit homicide with a gun.

One does not carry a weapon without intention of using it!

Bowling for Columbine; Aching for Aurora.
James Holmes' legal defense team may present a not-guilty by reasons of insanity, but while emotion triggers the finger; intention brings the gun, and he brought more than one gun!
by ad-92129 August 07, 2012
1) Derived from "fucking genius"
2) Primarily meant as a derogatory response to someone who has stated the obvious (duh!)
3) Proper reaction for anyone injured by doing something stupid like play real-life frogger (Darwinians).
4)Used to express genuine admiration for intelligence (seldom used).
The fingenius stuck his head in the tiger's mouth!
by ad-92129 November 14, 2011
1) A protective shield received as a reward for kissing the boss's ass.
2) Extremely slippery substance, much slicker than teflon, on which nothing, absolutely nothing can stick.
3) the substance which allows even the stupidest things you say or do to be overlooked.
When protected by sycophantium, not even smell can stick to siht!
by ad-92129 September 09, 2011
1. Grandiose mental retardation.
2. False pride exceeded only by one's ignorance or stupidity.
Archie Bunker, the character in the 1970's sit-com, "All In The Family" was a megalotard who boldly voiced his opinion about issues without having all the facts or fully understanding them.
by ad-92129 February 24, 2011
Neologistic contraction of “disassemble.”
Malopropism for the word: disassemble.
You must dissemble the modem to replace the display.
by ad-92129 January 18, 2012
1. enamoration with technology no matter how useless, expensive, or destructive.
Techenamor is to a nerd as sex is to a normal teenage boy!
by ad-92129 August 15, 2011
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