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The act of liking or commenting on one's friends post on Facebook, not because you feel like posting but because they often comment or like yours.
I couldn't care less that Arianna's son just had a great birthday party, but I had to like her post out of Facebook obligation. She is always commenting on and liking my shit.
by ACRanger August 30, 2010
A slang term for a hangover.

Originates from the brown bag that alcohol is placed in at liquor stores and the tendency to attribute a hangover to some sort of illness.
"Joe called in sick this morning"

"Man that fucker isn't sick he just has a case of brown bag flu"
by ACRanger April 26, 2010
A military term for cold weather gear. IE long underwear, but can also mean hats, mittens, raincoats, etc.
"Make sure you have your snivel when we roll out this morning, its gonna be cold as a motherfucker!"
by ACRanger January 16, 2008
A massive liquid shit.
I went to the bathroom and had a long visit with William Splattner today. Shouldn't have eaten so many hot wings last night.
by ACRanger February 18, 2008
A shit that is the consistency of pudding. Too thick to be diarrhea but not in solid turd form.
I just took a nasty pudding poo. I need to lay off the spicy food for a day or so.
by ACRanger August 14, 2010

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