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1. the first day of a new calendar year.

2. a hit from the legendary Irish rock band U2. It's from their classic 1983 album "War". This song catapulted U2 into world-wide stardom and they go on to become one of the greatest, important and influential rock'n'roll bands of all time.
1. at midnight, when New Year's Eve switched to New Year's Day me and Erika embraced each other and kicked off the new year with a passionate kiss.

2. some radio stations still start New Year's Day with a broadcast of "Auld Lang Syne", often the version by Guy Lombardo. A radio station in my home city once played "Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five" by Sir Paul McCartney to celebrate the new year which happened to be...

3. many radio stations now start a new year by playing "New year's Day" by U2.

4. ..."nothing changes on new year's Day..." - U2

5. I've seen U2 live in concert twice so far. Check them out, they are one of the greatest live bands in the Universe and that's the truth.
by ACHTUNG! I LOVE YOU TOO, BABY! December 31, 2011
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