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2 definitions by ACB22

When one of your friends appears to be doing something really nice for you (such as asking you to be in her wedding) but in all reality is royally screwing you. (By subjecting you to months of listening to bridezilla talk, forcing you to pay hundreds for a dress you'll never wear in your life... etc) The word can apply to any situation NOT limited to weddings.
"Wasn't that sweet of Jessica to ask Marianne to go to the beach?"

"Not really. You know she just wanted her to go so that Jessica would look skinny compared to Marianne who's gained a few pounds."

"Wow. She totally got bridesmaid-ed."
by ACB22 February 04, 2010
When a female spends a lot of time, money and effort to put together an outfit and or look that appears sloppy, effortless and thrown together. An attempt to look trendy without looking like you tried too hard.
"Have you seen Francie's outfit today?"

"Yea, whats going on with her chandelier earrings, seven jeans,funky top, wedges and old school Prada bag?"

"Don't let her thrown together look phase you, she put a lot of time and money into that ensemble. She's so sorority grunge."
by ACB22 May 05, 2009