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randy and horny
fuck im ruggy at the moment
by Abz December 28, 2003
Helecoptering is where the males penis is repeatedly slapped against another persons face.

The name is derived from the noise made
Make up your own example ;P
by Abz November 17, 2004
gettin laid
god i hant bin in the oven for ages i need sum
by Abz December 28, 2003
someone who is white in colour and has unusual eating habits that makes him a fatso
Black guy:- Hey look at that futniggaz, fred.
Fred:- (english accent) I'd say, what a fat ass niggaz.
Futniggaz:- Hey, its not my fault i'm white and fat!
by ABZ November 17, 2004
drunkeness, kissing (and stuff)and gettin ruggy in the moonlight!
god i cant wait to get ruggy @ new year
by Abz December 28, 2003
dickless, fannyless thingami!
god tht git has 2 b a nonny
by Abz December 28, 2003
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