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Whizards are the wisest of the magic users, for the whizards are often the oldest of the Sorcerers, and often the most skilled.

The Whizards take to more practical forms of magic, and try to solve problems with the least application of magic as possible.

An honored title bestowed on a master computer programmer by other computer programmers, one of the highest possible titles.
Whizzard mispelled by lower IQ persons. Proper spelling is Whizard.

Double z' usually used by half asleep idiots. Such as wizz=PISS, proper wiz=URINE/PISS. Of course you must have an IQ above 50 to know the difference between Whiz=INTELLECTUAL and wiz="to take a wiz"

No examples needed, if you have an IQ above 50 you know what this means.
by absolute January 23, 2011
A woman/girl who will fuck anything without discretion. Specifically used in the south, Western states: Sluts were and even today are described as a woman with little to NO self-Esteem that will fuck a blackman, dog or anything disgusting/nasty!
Did you see those bbcs' and that slut?

Yea, our new XXX movie will emphasize a slut fucking a dog then a blackman and his dog! That should hook all the sicko's!

I have so much more respect for a whore than a slut. The whore gets paid, the slut just likes to fuck disgusting things!
by ABSOLUTE December 15, 2007

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