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Duxbury is a town known for being extremely wealthy and extremely snobby. Here the kids get drunk with the booze their parents bought them smoke the weed their parents bought them and live in a world of their own. If youre not in a group youre nobody yet everyone is a prick to the people outside of their own groups. The popular girls fuck more guys then a pornstar (even though most of them are ugly as shit) yet theyre not sluts they just like to party but if somebody "unpopular" sleeps with someone theyre a slut. Parents put out as much as the teens which is fucked, but its deluxbury so its ok. EVERYONE does drugs. parents, teachers, kids, everyone. with all the money they make and nothing to do they have to spend it somehow and when they get caught mommy and daddy call in a favor to someone from college and everythings fine. People here have no idea what reality is like. Over privileged, spoiled kids rule the town, and if youre not one of them well who gives a shit.
Teen #1: Ms T is getting me a rack you need anything?
Teen #2: Na she bought me a handle after we fucked yesterday.
Teen #1: You fucked her too?
Teen #2: this is duxbury, who hasnt
by AAisforquitters December 02, 2011

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