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A code word used by clueless visitors to a topless area (Usually a beach, swimming pool, or other place where water is prominently blue) used to point out a nice looking set of boobs without being noticed by the other people.
Guy1: "Hey man, look at all this BLUE WATER around here!"

Guy2: "Yeah I know! theres some really big BLUE WATER to your left."

Guy1: "Holy shit! That's the nicest BLUE WATER I have ever seen!"
by AAShadow15 January 26, 2010
A shiny colored gloss, often based on petroleum jelly. Very similar to lip gloss, only meant for the nipples. Nip gloss is usually flavored, however may sometimes be unflavored. Every self respecting nipple fucker will keep a tube of nip gloss on them at all times.
My nip gloss is poppin! My nip gloss is cool!
by AAShadow15 June 20, 2014
A word that may be said only at random times when nobody is expecting it.
Person1: "So how was the party last night?"

Person2: "Well it was okay until I left with Stacy and... SHOOBIDAH!"

Person1: ".....What?"

Person2: "I dunno, anyways I thought the party was pretty good, what about you?"
by AAShadow15 January 26, 2010
A word used to describe the fucking of a doodledandy. A doodledandy is a dick that is blue and is infested with tiny canadian pubic elves that are ceaselessly tugging on the hairs, infecting the area with inflamed pimples. The only way to get rid of them is to engage in sexual activity with a small reptilian animal. Before leaving to infect the reptile, they will deficate explosively into your urethrea, causing burning sensations when urinating. They will also ejaculate itchy, infectious sperm filled with STD's. If you are a woman, they could impregnant you with a freaky, horny, blue elf babies that will claw up you vagina when departing.
Go fuckadoodledandy you stupid whore!!
by AAShadow15 October 06, 2011

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