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Amazing school in Glencoe
I have been reading a lot on this website about Oldfields-and i really beg to differ. For those who wrote those comments let me tell u this-40 percent of the girls at OS are on scholarship-so you might want to think twice before critisizing yourself for spending 34 grand a year-which u probably do..2nd of all-Oldfields is an amazing place and if you dont like it-why dont you just leave? You are poisoning the schools name and that is really unjust to those of who really are passionate about Oldfields. I DO NOT wear tiffanys, and i definately dont wear lily. I dont own a lacoste shirt-and i wear my pearls that my grandmother gave me to nice events. I am an oldfields girl, and i will not be a part of your description. Oldfields is a historical, and amazing place. I have met the most amazing women in my life, and i have been educated by the best teachers. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be at such a wonderful school. To those of you whom are looking at schools and have come across this negativity-i am truley sorry. I hope that you wont believe that girls are this mean. The only girls mean enough to act the way some of my peers have described, are the girls who wrote those comments.
by AAL August 08, 2005
Spanish colony in the northamerican subcontinent.
El chavo del ocho is the best mexican creation.
by aal July 19, 2005

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