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a man who is very buff and in great shape, comes from how gay people work out as much as they do.
me:"jake won CIF"
Brian:"well look at him he's gay buff"
by aa March 07, 2005
The act of masturbation
self play is a bad habit
by aa January 15, 2004
The three martini lunch, otherwise known as the alcoholics version of a two martini lunch. Generally used to refer to people who have too much time and nothing to do with it (see example).
Person A: "Man, fedex isn't going to deliver the package i need till 2:00!"

Person B: "Well then, go have yourself a three martini lunch!"
by AA March 22, 2005
stoned breaker from Y-town AZ
Luigi gets sick with it!
by aa November 20, 2004
where you go if you want to marry your cousin, the south
after sally sue and billy bob met at their family reunion they moved to dixie to get married
by aa March 13, 2005
Yummy cylindrical steak that expands in moisture.
Arch Angel's tube steak is a mighty tasty!
by AA October 01, 2003
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