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A kickass song by A7X(avenged sevenfold) and on Jan 7th will be a kickass music video
Guy: man have you listened to "A little piece of heaven"?

Other Guy: of course man that song rocks!
by A7X4LIFE January 03, 2008
It is of Slavic and Latin origin, and the meaning of Danica is "morning star. She is the nicest person you'll ever meet. She is smart, funny and unbelievably cute. She's a good girl who knows how to party. Everyone loves her. She is usually an Aquarius, brown hair and short. She is a terrific singer. Did i mention extremely attractive?
Omg did you hear that girl sing? She must be a Danica.

Wow everyone seems to love that girl, she's a Danica alright.

Hey bro, you see that hot girl over there? I bet she's a Danica.
by A7X4Life December 23, 2013

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