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Whenever a shot in any game (be it a video game or a game involving a ball) is made and the person(s) performing the action had no intention of the outcome.
While playing pool, Trevor proceeded to rack in one solid ball. After the windup, Trevor racked in 4 solid balls.

"Dude, that was such a Harry Potter Shot."
by A2Z October 04, 2007
The act of sleeping or spooning with one's dog. Reference Peanuts character Snoopy and spooning. Most common among women but men will do it but not admit it.
My girlfriend is snooping the dog tonight and I am not going to sleep with the dog too.
by a2z August 19, 2012
A person who is no good with sexual contact or is even willing to be. Combination of Prude and Noob. Proob.
I met this girl today and she was a total proob. I was throwing every type of offer at her and still: nothing.
by A2Z October 21, 2009
The act of mastrubating twice within a 10 minute period.

After Elliot's long night of teasing from Karen...

"Dude. Where the hell is Elliot?"

"That blue balled bastard had to go rebate."
by A2Z April 01, 2008
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