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Dedicated, Die-hard, Loyal, Loud, Appreciative, Non-shit talkers (we let our team do the talking for us) Non-bandwagon jumpers, Proud, Generous (we gave sports many innovative ideas, ie:the terrible towel, tailgating, traveling with our team, which includes cities across the country) The only proud fans that can lay claim to 6, count them 6 of 7 Superbowl Trophies, with at least another in our sights. We don't mind paying the money to watch our team, We don't care if we are the only fans who care that we won a Super Bowl, wouldn't you be as well? Proud that we got to have 6 out of seven winning Super Bowl parties, it only gave us 6 more excuses to drink beer. Proud that we had the pleasure to watch a shit ton of super star athletes win our town 6 out of 7 NFL Titles. Not only have we had the pleasure of winning 6 Super Bowls, but 3 Stanley Cups, and 5 World Series as well, that's a lot of ticker tape parades. Pittsburgh, a drinkin' town with a football problem! Never did understand why so many hate Pittsburgh Fans, and it's not just football, it's hockey as well, forget baseball, we know we suck, and it's not like we talk crap on other fans, in fact we are the friendliest fans in the NFL, go to any Steeler game in Pittsburgh and meet the fans, we will party with you, and feed you while our team is smacking yours around, but we will be friendly. :)
by A1SteelerFan December 11, 2011

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