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A combination of a win and a fail.
That guy just did a 20 foot grind, but then his board slipped!
What a wail!
by A1-Sponge June 10, 2010
A terrible, not thought through plan that is sure to fail.
Andy: Hey, do you want to hang out later?

Nate: Can't, I lied about my report card and my parents found out. Now I'm grounded...

Andy: Wow, that plan was a junk shot... I don't feel sorry for you at all...
by A1-Sponge June 05, 2010
A disguised phrase for "intercourse". Origin - (Inter)state driving (course).
Joe: How'd it go last night with Sally?

Bob: Great, we took and interstate driving course.

Joe: Nice!
by A1-Sponge June 03, 2010

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