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1 definition by A.Walrus

Formed from the names Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime, it is a realistic pairing from the popular Japanese manga Bleach.

Many support the relationship, however, there are those amongst the rest who do not.

It has been said that Ichihime is a cure for the super-herpes virus, and while this may be true, it can only cure those who read Bleach correctly.

For, you see, the super-herpes is not your typical herpes virus, it not only makes you look less attractive, it directly affects your brain causing immense delusions.

so remember kids, "IchiHime cures the super-herpes, but IchiRuki kills"
IchiHime Fan: "I saw Carla out the other night... Guess what...She has super-herpes"
Brenda: "NO!"
IchiHime Fan: "Yep... It was horrible"
Brenda: "Did you help her? I mean, you have the cure right?"
IchiHime Fan: "I tried to... But she kept throwing her hands in the air screaming, Rukia is a babe...then her herpes sores started breaking...it was horrible"
Brenda: "Oh god... well she knew what she was getting into when she tolds us she supported IchiRuki...Poor devil-child"
IchiHime Fan: "Yeah.. shit happens."
by A.Walrus March 25, 2010
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