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The tightest place in Orange County. Filled with rich people who are either crazy party animals or stuck up overly proper people who can be easily intimidated and taken advantage of.
I'm going to Newport Coast to turn a classy get together into a party revolution.
by A.Sweetin' April 05, 2008
Song by The Mars Volta. Song that you make gnarly,crazy,passionate sex to.
I made my most passionate love ever while listening to L'Via L'Viaquez.
by A.Sweetin' April 06, 2008
Bobby Mcferrin is a jazz-influenced a cappella vocal performer and conductor. He made one of the greatest songs ever Don't Worry, Be Happy.
I listened to Bobby Mcferrin's Don't Worry, Be Happy when i was making sweet passionate love.
by A.Sweetin' April 15, 2008

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