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A ghetto neighborhood in Sacramento. Martin Luther King Blvd is the main street. On MLK,there are 4 churches, Chritian Brothers high school, and an elemaentary school next to it. On the corner of Fruitridge and MLK, the is a ghetto Taco Bell that has a bullet proof drive thru window. Driving through,Oak Park one will the Prit market, which is your wholesaler in liquor, and if you go a few blocks in, there are some "street pharmacists" to sell you any perscription medicine you need. People usually drive aimlessly around and sometimes high schoolers may need to watch out for drunk drivers. On sunny days, mexican ice cream vendor roam the streets. At 6pm everyday, there are 3 distinctive gun shots fired. And also at 6pm, the prostitutes line the walls of Prit market. Next to the shopping carts in people's front yeards, one might see Escaldes, Tahoes, and Navigators parked. NEVER GO THROUGH OAK PARK ON FOOT AT NIGHT. the OPGs are out there.
Oak Park, a block where everything is forsheezee"
by A.M.F February 27, 2007

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