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2 definitions by A.J.-Eggy

The frightening creature that dwells within a women's crundle. Usually, this monster creaps out whenever the women bends over and it makes this sound- rraaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. This monster is among the worst smelling things found on earth and resembles some kind of mix between a hermit crab, a hobbit, and Hank Aaron. Warning signs for a women with a crundle: a gunt, a muffin top, a Fupa, a Vagamuch, or with feke.
Look out! The crundle monster is gonna get you.
by A.J.-Eggy February 06, 2007
Appearing at the lower section of a very large womens ass, the crundle appears as two protruding folds of lumpy butt fat on either side of the crack. This area has a never-ending wedgie and will atract your gaze no matter how hard you attempt to look away. The crundle becomes particularly defined when the women bends over. WARNING: watch out for the crundle monster
Gross! That womens crundle is all sweaty.
by A.J.-Eggy February 06, 2007