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An olympic sprinter who won gold and set olympic and world records at the 2008 Olympic Games, most notably in the Men's 100m and 200m events.
A tank. A machine. Unstoppable.
Also, from Jamaica.
I tried to steal Usain Bolt's car but he chased me down on bare foot and caught me. Then he ripped my balls off!
#usain #bolt #sprinting #running #fast #furious
by A.J. Eitel August 20, 2008
One of the most annoying and popular forms of summer footwear. Made popular by girly girls in hollister or abercrombie and fitch t-shirts, and preppy, image conscious guys with popped collars. Both are usually obnoxiously chewing gum as they walk in said footwear.
Some see the "slapping" sound these shoes make as "cute". It gives normal people headaches.
I fucking hate flip flops.
#prep #preppy #flip flops #flip flop #american eagle #abercrombie & fitch
by A.J. Eitel April 19, 2008
An expletive used to indicate extreme frustration.
Motherfuck, man...she has a boyfriend.
#motherfuck #motherfucker #boyfriend bomb #fuck-sakes #fuck
by A.J. Eitel May 15, 2008
A word used by store/office managers, often after giving instructions, to indicate that there shall be no opposition to the instruction, nor any argument made. Sometimes followed up with a "Great" or "Thanks" as a usually unsuccessful attempt to make the employee feel like less of a tool.
"While you finish my reports for me, I'm gonna go pick up a hooker for my lunch break m'kay? Thanks."
#okay #ok #mkay #mmkay #mmmkay
by A.J. Eitel April 15, 2008
The person that bugs the crap out of you to get high, and bitches out after the second hit because their throat hurts from hacking a lung up during the first one.

Other excuses include:
-being "wayyy to hiigh already maaan!"
-not liking the taste of weed
-not feeling 'into it' anymore

They then proceed to tell other people about how much of a champ they are.
Me: Yo man i just blazed with that really cute girl that always says she wants to get high with me

You: That really hot one that's supposedly a huge pothead?

Me: Yeah!

You:DUDE! How was it!?! You guys musta blazed for hours!

Me: I wish man.... she bailed after two hits. She said she was wayy too high and had to go home. :(

You: Really? Man, you mean that girl's just a two toke joke?

Me: Straight up.

#weed #bong #smoke #girl #toke #two #joke booty
by A.J. Eitel February 08, 2009
Yet another pointless addition to the popular Facebook internet application.
Said chat enables anyone logged into Facebook to chat with other friends who are also logged in.
This chat feature is pretty much a waste of time and money due to the fact that most of the users who are on Facebook at the time, are likely on MSN as well. So really, it just allows creepy people to stalk you more efficiently.
Wow! Facebook Chat is rad, but why do all of these creepy guys keep telling me they have a 12 inch pianist?
#facebook #chat #internet #creep #pedophile
by A.J. Eitel May 23, 2008
Telling her that her dress makes her look fat.
Girl: "Does this dress make me look fat?"

Guy: "To be honest, yeah it does kinda"

Friend: "R.I.P., buddy. That was a suicide move."
#suicide #girl #bitch #fat #lie
by A.J. Eitel May 02, 2008
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