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When 2 friends are so close they feel eachothers pain and finish eachothers sentences, they make out with their ladies on the same couch in the same room they finger their girlfriends side by side while doing a broshake, they read the bro code every night before they go to bed they even have the same thoughts they are closer then actual brothers and the average man and wife. These 2 men have a bromance and are not afraid to admit it they have a bond like no other and yes they do love eachother.
Connor: "Damn she has a nice booty"
A.J.: "Ya i know my hands on it?"
Connor: "Oh that's weird because my hands down her pants?"
A.J.: "Ya you don't have clothes on"
Connor: "I know right! sick bromigo"
A.J.: "Fuck ya that's sick"
by A.J. Connor December 17, 2011

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