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A top selling band hailing from the north eastern portions of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1964, the band specializes in redefining all genre's of music in a hip and tolerable way. They have played with many famous singers and songwriters such as, Jefferson Starship, David Hasselhoff, and more recently LL Cool J, Jayne Seymore and Chuck Norris.
Dude! I totally can't wait until the 3rd when Very Steve is going to be opening for Anti-Flag. They are going to rock the buttholes!!
by A.J. Cockandballs November 13, 2004
A term used derisively in reference to any female human.

As it is well known all females of the species experience a period of usually five - seven days every month in which the lining of the uterus is disposed of by way of the vagina.
Some men may be repulsed by this phenomenon, while others feel it is one of the most effective methods of birth control.
Stupid fucking bleeder!! Shut your cumdumpster! You're stinking up the whole room!!
by A.J. Cockandballs February 07, 2005
Related to snowconing.

Refers to the semen that gets on a mans upper lip and chin after he eats out a woman he has just defiled with his seed.

The way he looks resembles the facial hair style.
Dahlia: Thaddeus, that was great! You don't think its gross going down there ... after you ... you know?

Thaddeus (looking up): No its okay, I love it.

Dahlia: hehehe you have a Foo-Man-Choo dripping down on your neck.

by A.J. Cockandballs July 26, 2007

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